Effectiveness in ministry means a lot of different things to people.  When I think of effectiveness in ministry I envision a group of people working together to meet people right where they are at, but love them enough not to leave them that way!  I see the Lion's Den doing that on a regular basis!  They see youth all over Springfield that are hurting, have deep spiritual needs, broken homes and no hope... but they are not content to leave them that way!  The Lion's Den, creates a safe, exciting and loving environment for youth to be introduced to Jesus in a culturally relevant way using Biblical principles.  Word of Life considers it strategic to partner with the Lion's Den in reaching this generation for Christ!  Together we have seen hundreds of lives changed for all of eternity through outreach and youth coming to camp!  I can assure you that youth and future families will be influenced and changed in Springfield as a result of the life-changing message of Jesus Christ that the Lion's Den shares passionately!  Your support and prayers for them will make a difference for all of eternity!

Roger Peace, Jr. 
V.P. of Camps and Operations
Word of Life Fellowship, Inc